No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

I recently bought a book by the wonderful Maggie Mason. She is a writer from sunny San Francisco who runs Mighty Girl, the most interesting personal blog I have ever read. Her book is call No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog.

Miss Mason uses many of the ideas in her book on her own blog, including her Mighty Life List, a slew of amazing things she'd like to do before she dies. So far she's been dog-sledding, eaten a ton of fruits, traveled to exotic countries, and fed her son his first ice cream cone (among many, many other things.)

No One Cares is not only a great reference for us writers, but also the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who is starting a blog. I plan on giving mine to a dear friend's mother who is chronicling the crazy year she has had via weblog--I would post the link but she is keeping the site private for now. But this book is a great way to seek inspiration for your personal blog and gets your brain ticking.

The reason why I choose to post Maggie Mason's book is not only because it's a great read, but also because she has three shopping blogs that have always inspired me to start a gift related blog, and here I am! ACTUALLY doing it! Well, today, Maggie announced that her shopping empire, Mighty Goods, Mighty Junior and Mighty Haus, are now for sale. So soon they'll be off her hands, she she will head forth to conquer the mighty world.

I don't know Maggie personally but through her writing she has been a friend to me and many other bloggers. I really recommend that you go over to Amazon and pick it up for a friend or even yourself. Maggie, you rock!


  1. Wow, I follow a few blogs, but mostly magazines I have worked for or beauty related things, as that is my interest. I have never even really looked at people's personal blog, but I just looked at this one. It was written sooo well! I feel like I know this girl. Thanks for the link, and if I see her book, I definitely will pick it up!

  2. Cool book! Definitely something I'd like to read, I think.