I'm hoping this means one of you is going to buy me a car now.

Someone asked me the other day, "what do you think about bows on cars?" And I replied with a rousing, "I think they are AWESOME."

The thing is, a car is great looking on its own, whether it's a mid-80's Olds or a Beemer hot off the press. If you are fortunate enough to be associated with someone stable enough to be able to give you a car as a gift, there really isn't any additional decoration necessary. Still, I love how the idea of a big old bow dramatizes the effect of a new automobile. Sort of like when Lady Gaga wears that ridiculous hoop.

Anyway, I was wondering, where can you actually buy these enormous bows? Are they exclusively sold to car dealers? Or to people who frequently give cars away like Oprah? Or, can simpletons like ourselves entertain the prospect of be-ribboning our cars?

Well, it turns out that at the website Car Bows--love the name, jumps right to the point--you can buy an assortment of garish auto-hats for 40 buckaroos each. Yes, a lot for a bow, but by the time you've bought the car, why the heck not?

I've always secretly thought it would be hilarious to put a bow on one of the cars my parents already own as a joke to confuse the neighbors. So while I might not be giving any cars away anytime soon, I might just order a bow.

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