Gift Guide: Easter Items for Grownups

Easter is a kids' holiday? Poppycock! The season of rebirth is the best time to treat a loved one--or yourself--to a vibrant gadget or pretty doodad.

Same rules apply as always: gifts are attractive, on a price point, and just thee right items.

1) Brooklyn-based electronica band, The Bird and the Bee, have just released "Interpreting the Masters Volume 1," a Hall and Oates tribute album. The 10 song disc features one original track and nine H&O covers, including "Private Eyes," "She's Gone," and so much more. Talk about renewal!!

Interpreting the Masters Volume 1
$5.99 on iTunes


2) I spent my Easter last year hungover on a hostel couch in Barcelona. This year, I pay tribute to my past transgressions with a bit more class. Red Guitar Wine is a Spanish Tempranillo/Garnacha blend, rich with raspberries, cherries and vanilla. A perfect companion to your holiday ham, or lovely alone. Plus, the price is right.

Red Guitar Navarra
Around $9.99 at most wine and spirit shops

3) It's sooo easy to devour all your Easter chocolate in one sitting. But in powder form? Not as simple. This "Choctail" mix makes tasty, frozen shakes in a snap and helps your ration that sweet tooth. Nice.
Choctail Mix
$10.90 at Max Brenner


4) Magnets are magnets. Unless Julia Rothman designs them. Then, they are art. And we all love a little art on our fridge, don't we?

iPop Magnets by Julia Rothman
Set of four for $11.50 at Amazon

5) Last year I visited the Zak! Designs showroom and I almost fainted from excitement; that place is BRIGHT. Luckily though, every piece is made of 100% recycled melamine, so this stuff never breaks. Also? So cute.

Confetti Nesting Bowls by Zak! Designs
$29.99 at Kitchen Kapers

6) April showers bring May flowers, and where better to put those flowers than in a teardrop vase? God I am corny with these write-ups sometimes. You should've read the description on Pier One's website though. "A person could get lost in a vase like this. OK, maybe not a person. But a flower, definitely." I'm not quite that bad. Let's disregard poor word choices and just deem this vase a winner.

Turquoise Vase
$35 at Pier One

7) For every pair of Tom's Shoes your purchase, another pair is given to a child in need. It's the perfect mix of philanthropy, capitalism and straight up style.

Classic Tom's Shoes
$48 at Tom's

8) I've been looking for a watch with the perfect pop of color, and a face that actually tells time. The solution is ODM, maker of whimsical watches, or what I like to call "wrist candy."

ODM Spin Series Watch
$66 at Amazon

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