If only Orla Kiely had a gift wrap line...

I've hinted at some of my favorite designers on this blog, so by now you may have gathered that I enjoy Orla Kiely, a UK based designer who makes bold, chipper items of whimsy that range from clothing to bags to home accessories. My obsession started last year when I met her at a press event for her Target line, which was exquisite and I regret not having bought more of. She was sweet and innocent, yet composed and quietly powerful, and those elements of her personality really shine through in her design.

That's why I wish beyond wish that she had a line of gift wraps. Her signature pattern is a multicolored leaf print. It is clean, effortless and doesn't appear to try too hard. The wallpaper version looks like this:

This, to me, would make a lovely gift wrap because it can handle mutliple seasons, holidays, and accessories. Maybe a bit girly, but there's nothing wrong with that. Here's another print of hers:
Again, super fun and simple. Her philosophy is no frills, no fuss. Most of her designs are simply abstract things found in nature, like fruts leaves or flowers. But they're mature while still being whimsicle. I would probably buy this wrapping paper and use it as gift wrap...if it didn't cost $95. So yeah. Perhaps not appropriate to use as wrapping paper, but really a great accent piece for your home. I'd like to get some and paper one wall of a room, but take a look at one one person did to their stairs:

So stunning, yet not over the top. Just enough color to pop. (That wasn't intended to rhyme but I'm keeping it). I think what I best like about Orla Kiely is that her prints aren't super popular here in the USA, so I feel really unique with the pieces of hers that I have, and it's not like Louis Vuitton where there are tons of knock offs. The sad thing is that her flagship store is in Covent Garden, London, and they have sooooooo much more stuff there than they do here in America! Looks like I'll have to take another trip to Europe soon. Until then, I can dream.