Colors for Spring Part II

And the second set of perfect colors to illustrate your spring 2010 are...

This spring our beige-like hue is lighter and more relaxed. It is the color of sandstone, and they're calling it Tuscany, most likely because it resembles the light, stone buildings in Italy's Tuscan countryside. I saw a girl in the park yesterday wearing a bikini of this color, and well, she just looked naked. So for gift wrap, I would say Tuscany is a definite yes. For swim wear? Not so much.

Amparo Blue For the most part to demonstrate these colors, I have been trying to find pictures of things found in nature. With amparo blue I suppose I could have found a rolling ocean or a pile of ripe blueberries, but it turns out amparo blue has had its biggest influence on a slew of Ford cars. You probably see more cars a day than you see flowers anyway, right?

Champagne Pink
Ah, so bubbly, sweet and refreshing. Champagne pink is another color that has a beautiful shade spectrum, all hue of which are usable for the spring of '10. It's different from coral, which is a but ruddier, but just pinker than Tuscany. I think I'll err on the side of enforcing gender stereotypes and wrap my little cousin's christening gift in champagne pink.

Dried Herb and Eucalyptus
Frankly I don't see much difference between these ones, but I think the idea is that cooler, minty sages are the shades to stick by this season. A great gender neutral, all-season friendly color.

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