Just Checkin' In

Hey, friends! If you're wondering where I've gone, never fear. Posting has been light due to my final finals' week, job searching, and a surprisingly demanding apartment hunt. I'll be back soon with more fun gift wrap tips and a big surprise! In the meantime, check out this 4-some Bud Vase from CB2!


Diaper Cakes: almost as gross as they sound.

So, I don't have kids, nor do I plan on becoming a mom for quite some time. But when I do reach that stage of life, I'll tell you what I don't want: a diaper cake. Yes, that tasty looking creation above is not a wedding dessert, but rather, a decorative tower of baby underpants. And I don't get it.

I readily acknowledge that diapers are crazy expensive, and to purchase them for new parents is a big help. A great gesture. But in my mind, a cake constructed from diapers is the archetypal symbol of, "you are no longer cool, and all youth/aesthetic sense you ever had is now in the hands of a screaming infant." Not OK. Also, what are you supposed to do with that gaudy thing? Display it in your nursery? Nothing about a sheath of plastic that will soon be defecated in is attractive to look at!

If you know a mom-to-be, don't waste your money (upwards of 65 bucks!) on the diaper cake. Here's what to do instead. Run out and spend the money on a fabulous bag with tons of room and plenty of pockets. Like this here Marc Jacobs number:

Or this demure tote by Orla Kiely:

Or even this cutie by DwellStudio:

Once you've picked the perfect purse, stuff that monster full of diapers. And voila! The perfect gift essential for the care of a new baby, but it's really all about the mom. See how tricky I am? It's practical, beautiful, and way better than some 5 tier bloomer tart.