Colors for Spring Part I

Wow! Sorry for the sparse posting in the past week, but the snow melted and spring arrived in the blink of an eye! Here in New York it's a whopping 88 degrees, I'm actually relieved to be in the library after a sweltering walk to campus.

The very sudden temperature spike has been tough on all our seasonal adjustments--rotating pants with shorts, switching from cocoa to lemonade, and putting all our winter gift wraps in the basement. To help you with this adjustment, I wanted to introduce the popular colors in the Spring 2010 palate.

Jewel-toned purples have dominated the color charts in recent seasons, but now we're seeing a switch to something more refreshing. The violet spectrum spans from light and fresh to dark and soothing, so there is a shade for everyone.

Like purple, we have seen harsher, smokier teals in the palates of late, but turquoise is more fun. Channel waters of the Caribbean when picking out your gift wraps in this shade. I spotted a Dodge Dakota in this hue the other day and it was all the inspiration I needed to get me on board.

I was getting so tired of mustard yellow. Thank goodness Spring 2010 is bringing something a little sunnier and they're calling it aurora. The picture to the left is The Ocean House, an historic hotel on my home beach, Watch Hill, RI. I went there just the other day and its color always makes me feel like warm weather is here to stay. (YAY!)

Fusion Coral
Fusion coral is less like the ruddier, salmony corals we usually see, and more light and pink like the inside of a conch shell. Cool and tasty, perfect to wrap any spring or summer gift of any occasion--yes, even for guys. Because guys like pink, but real men like fusion coral.

Tomato Puree
Reds are taking a natural turn this season. No fire engine reds, just ones you would find in nature, perhaps in your favorite ragout. I saw a gorgeous dress at Target yesterday in this shade. A perfect color to wrap a gift for your cousin's spring wedding or your dad's summer birthday.

Yum, these hues make me want to grab a smoothie and go lay on the lawn. Which color is your favorite? More to come tomorrow.