If only Rodarte had a gift wrap line...

I wasn't terribly interested in Laura and Kate Mulleavy's designs until I read this article in The New Yorker that explains the history of their couture brand, Rodarte. As much as I resisted fascination and didn't want to like them, I do. I really do.

The California born sisters aren't formally trained in fashion. But after graduating from college, equipped with an Art History and Literature degree respectively, the girls combined their intellects and eyes for beauty in unexpected things to develop their instantly popular lines.

Their design philosophy, in my words, is "bastardization of textiles." They literally burn, dye and shred fabrics until they hardly resemble their organic forms. Then they weave the materials into unbelievable fashion creations. I'd LOVE to see how they take this ideology and apply it to gift wrapping.

Their take on fishnet stockings are particularly haunting, and I'm not sure if my legs could properly execute this look with the finesse the Mulleavy sisters intended. But, this material would look awesome overlaying a gift wrapped in midnight black or slate gray or pewter wrapping paper. I hesitate in calling inanimate objects "sexy," but that gift would be SEXY.

Yes, Laura and Kate excell in creepy when it comes to their designs, but they also have a knack for collaborations of soft, flowy fabrics to form a hybrid of strange color and graceful movement. I can envision their gifts wrapped in cheesecloth dyed blue, maybe with a silver sash draped over the top and tied together with an emerald tulle bow.

Maybe if they do another Target line my prayers will be answered. I predict Rodarte Home with a great, big giftwrap section.

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  1. This is great! I'm totally with you on Rodarte Home!