Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the guys. They're the tricky ones to shop for, anyway. Same rules: top ten traditional items turned on their heads, all under 40 bucks each. Have at 'em.

1) With these stainless steel martini glasses, he'll admit he likes theoccasional cosmopolitan. Salute the holiday
in style.

Set of two glasses
$5 at Target

2) Girls aren't the only ones who deserve sexy underwear on Valentine's day. Let him know he's the king of your heart.

Boxer Shorts
$8.50 at Old Navy

3) A flying saucer that also makes juice. He won't know
he always needed one until he gets one.

$18 at Pylones

4) These sleek, silver frames make your photos appear to float. Stick a black and white pic inside for a gift that looks great displayed anywhere.

Float Frames
From $19.95 on CB2

5) Ugly Doll: cuddly as a teddy bear, but with more stubble.

Suntan Target Ugly Doll

6) Keith Haring's water bottle for Sigg is as functional as it is romantic as it is artful. So many birds with just one stone.

Sigg Bottle
$20 at Sigg.com

7) He gives you flowers every year. This time it's your turn. This cactus garden is spiky, and therefore more masculine, I guess.

Cactus Dish
$29.99 (small size) at 1-800-Flowers

8) This flask is cased in a beautiful, buttery, leather casing. Who knew sneaking liquor into a concert could be so classy?

$34.50 at J.Crew

9) I always say that chocolate is a little bit of a cop out, but add "fondue" to the mix and suddenly, you're freakin' thoughtful.

Romantic Chocolate Dinner

10) Boys of any age love Legos. I actually think this is a proven fact. And we all know they love computers, so jog their memory with a little blast from the past.

1GB Lego Flash Drive
$35.99 at AC Gears


  1. I think the cactus idea is so creative and I love the glasses from Target!

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  3. Great gift ideas! I would have been more than happy to have received any one of these gifts. I especially like the juicer. My roommate and I make crazy food/drink concoctions all the time, and we always end up squeezing our lemons and limes all over the place. We end up wasting most of the juice. I think I might have to go pick one up.