Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

Only one week until the big V-Day! Like the idea of traditional gifts but don't want to get all mushy? I understand. Here are my top ten picks for gifts that she'll appreciate getting and you won't feel like a walking cliche giving. One rule: everything is under $40. Go!

1) Your lady is shoe crazy? How did I know? Kill her with cuteness every time you pour a drink with this set of reusable, high heeled ice cubes.

Set of six ice cubes
$5.95 at

2) So you're not the poetic type; no sweat. Pablo Neruda's got your back.

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda
From $8.60 on Amazon

3) Now every time she bakes or cooks for you, it will be made with love, no matter what.

Measuring Spoons
Set of four for $9.99 at

4) Give her an initiative to save her pennies for a romantic get-away with you. She'll remember every time she sees this adorable bank.

Elephant Bank
$12 at Urban Outfitters

5) If you feel uncomfortable giving her massage oil, just remember that Julia Rothman designed the label. It's not only sexy, it's ART.

Kissable Massage Oil
$15 at
Victoria's Secret

6) You don't have to be at sea to send her a message in a bottle. The old nautical way goes land-bound with this quaint set.

Love Message in a Bottle
$16 at Anthropologie

7) Your heart is hers. Let her know it everyday in a more abstract way.

Caged Stone Pendant

8) Candies are so stereotypical, but these Butlers Chocolates are extraordinary, and with packaging by Orla Kiely, your girl will never throw the box away.

Butler's Chocolates by Orla Kiely
£17 (around $26) at John Lewis

9) Flowers die, but this red roses pillow is super comfy and lasts forever. (Also available in felt, and yellow roses. Yum.)

$29.25 at Pier 1

10) Give her an apron that she'll actually want to wear--both in and out
of the kitchen.



  1. I think I'm in love with that apron from Anthropologie. And would definitely want to wear it out of the house.

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