Theme Wrap-Up: Birds!

Every week or so I'm going to do a theme wrap-up wherein I go searching for paper printed with my some of my favorite things. Then I'll post between five and a bajillion of my best finds. We'll start with something simple: birds!

Cool birds are everywhere these days, I'd be willing to bet Twitter has something to do with that. But all technology aside, birds are pretty amazing on their own. Besides being able to fly, birds represent peace, progress and new life. Don't you want to wrap your gift with a sheath of them? I thought so.

I was surprised at the scant selection of bird papers available. Most of the ones I found were a bit too pastoral for my taste, adorned with clocks or cursive writing. In fact, most of the prints I found looked like they were torn right out of bird watching guides. While this might actually be a good idea, I did also manage to scrounge up a handful of cute, retro wrappings with feathered flocks.

This first print is from one of my favorite designers (who really deserves a full post on this blog), Julia Rothman. She is a fabulous artist, and the only thing cooler than her bird gift wrap is her bird wallpaper. Seriously, go look it up. The above print is available on Hello Lucky.

This joyous design above comes from the mastermind that is Snow & Graham...

...as is this one. Both are available at Luxe Paperie. I adore tiny birds perched on dainty branches. The bright colors are kind of unexpected, but also really attractive and whimsical. Way to go, Snow & Graham.

Etsy is an online marketplace for artisans to sell handcrafted goods of virtually any genre. It is teeming with wonderful things, like gift wrap and accessories, including the lovely print above. It comes from the Etsy store Love Little Louis and is also available in red.

While we're on the subject of Etsy, I also found dozens upon dozens of gift tags adorned with cute, air-lingering game. The following are can be found at Pocket Carnival, Krave Natural, and Seasonal Delights, respectively.
Thoughts on this week's wrap-up? Do you love or loathe these prints? And more importantly, do you have suggestions for future theme wrap-ups? Comment away!

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