Theme Wrap-Up: Metallics

Metallics are great. Everyone should own a pair of metallic shoes, and a roll of metallic gift wrap. Why? They're deliciously festive for holidays, but they also add a touch of glitz to the everyday. A classy sheen draws the eye, a silly glitter creates makes it fun. You can't really go wrong. I've scoured the internet and found some special treasures:

Paper Source just introduced a new wrap line for Spring and WOW, I'm blown away by these designs. (Aren't you a little tempted to marry the teal one?) I'd be tempted to use them as wallpaper, which is actually a pretty good indication of a sophisticated print. If you'd cover your house with it, it's got to be good. Anyway, this entire collection is beautiful, I encourage you to go check out the whole thing because I had a tough time choosing favorites, but the three above were the closest I could settle on.

Kate's Paparie made the prints above. I've never had the opportunity to visit their famous NYC shop but I'll be getting there in the next few months. I think the white with silver leaves is perfect because it could do Christmas, Hanukkahs, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or just-because's eqaually well.
The Container Store has made the lives of so many college students much more livable. And now, they also make this great hammered copper gift wrap. Just so you know, I think the sheen is this picture is a bit computer generated, and that turns me off, but the texture seems to be genuine and because of that I think this would make a cool print in real life. Again, this is super versatile. Pair with a red bow for the holidays or a turquoise ribbon for an impromptu, middle-of-summer birthday. Very functional.

So here's your homework: go get yourself a roll of gift wrap and a pair of shoes, both in metallics. I recommend Banana Republic and Puma for the footwear.