Firstly, I must express my gratitude to those of you who commented on the gift guides. They were kind of a pain to make and I appreciate your feedback. For anyone here now, go to the gift guides and let me know what you think!

Anywho, how was your V-Day? I celebrated mine at the MoMA with my boyfriend and it was delightful. Since the Tim Burton exhibit was sold out (yet again, [god, I need to just get a membership]), we spent most our time on the architecture and design floor, per usual. While enjoyable, this is always a practice in futility for us to be among the most interesting yet unattainable furniture.

I saw some fun textiles that inspired me to search for more geometric gift wrap:

Lucky for the MoMA there are velvet ropes and glass casings everywhere, or else I'd have stolen all these and hung them on my walls.

PS, I'm feeling super lazy--I think it's the weather, or the long weekend--but if you have questions about the designers of these just ask in the comments.