Theme Wrap-Up: Eco Friendly Papers

Happy March, everyone! Leading in to this new month, I wanted to share a bunch of great gift prints I've found in the past couple weeks. The theme: green.

Did you know that most gift wrap is not recyclable? I know, it's a depressing prospect for print lovers like us. Some companies do offer some eco-friendly options with paper made of recycled/recyclable materials and soy-based inks. And surprisingly, they're pretty nice looking, so you don't have to trade style to be environmentally sound.

The above prints come from Greenfield Papers. Kind of juvenile, but undeniably cute. Definitely appropriate for wrapping gifts for little girls. Oh heck, grown ladies would love these. How adorable are those birds?? You might know by now I'm quite the bird fan. Both prints are made of 100% recycled material.

I thought these two prints above were a nice, more sophisticated take on flowers/birds respectively. Green Paper Studio makes both and yet again, you can recycle them (although they're so pretty, why wouldn't you save them forever??)

Whimsy Press is really into eco-friendly products, and in my opinion, they do it in a really pretty way. The three prints above are a part of their 100% recycled-made line of gift wrap. Gorgeous prints for sure, but I'm a little bugged that all the prints from this line were green or nature-themed. I mean, I get the point but does it really need to be that literal?

I really prefer the papers from their 30% recycle-made line, although if we opt for these we leave a slightly larger carbon footprint:

Ah, I would wallpaper my home with the bottom two prints. Like I always say, this is the sign of a truly tasteful gift wrap. Which print is your favorite? I showed a lot this week, because I wanted to show how many options we really have to wrap in a manner that still allows us to be tree-huggers.


  1. I LOVED the whimsical bird and leaf papers and would be so happy to receive anything in such an artistic wrapping.

    By the way, I would like to see more blogs on gift ideas, books to recommend, and clever ways to say "thank you," "congratulation on your 50th birthday," "get well soon," etc.