Christmas Clearance = Heaven

By now the holiday season is long gone. The down side: no more gratuitous, guilt free eating of peppermint candy. The up side: sales! This is the best time of year to go out and stock up on crazy-cheap supplies for next year’s holiday gift wrapping.

In general, I much prefer wrapping paper that is non-holiday specific, prints that you could pull out at any time of year and design a lovely gift. For that, I’m willing to splurge a little if I'm really attracted to the print. But for paper that is super Christmasy and will inevitably spend 11 months of my year sitting in a box, I don’t want to drop a dump truck of dough. Pier 1 Imports has once of the best post-holidays clearance racks and is home to Christmas wrap that’s way cooler than your grandma’s:

Honestly, I usually hate Christmas-specific wrap. It's normally pretty lame and cheesy, adorned with silly Santas and greetings in cursive writing. But these patterns are a little hipper and more playful. As of today, each one us under $2 a pop, and all are available on the Pier 1 website. I think for about 6 bucks it’s worth having a few holiday prints you really like on hand.

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